the tenth issue
[final issue]

»editor's note by Russ Woods

»i bring you this poem by bmx by Crispin Best
»ortolan by Jess Dutschmann
»fire/flies by Jeannette Gomes
»the grass by Eileen Myles
»i love you by Sasha Fletcher
»two poems by Jordaan Mason
»two poems by Molly Brodak
»two poems by Justin Carter
»two poems by Robert Duncan Gray

more poems
»two poems by Shannon Burns
»two poems by Philip Kostov
»two poems by Shaun Gannon
»three poems by Diana Salier
»three poems by Jacques Rebotier, trans. by Zachary Schomburg
»three poems by Feng Sun Chen
»four poems by Ben Mirov
»four poems by Caroline Crew

more poems
»four poems by Heather Palmer
»five poems by Alexis Pope
»five poems by Mike Young
»horse poems by Michelle Sinsky
»s c a t t e r s t a t e by Carrie Lorig
»the great detective by Wyatt Sparks
»tell you what i'll do by Zack Haber
»the heart is a lonely hunter by Rachel Hyman
»five poems from the depression by Mathias Svalina
»mew mew mew mew mew mew mew by Neal Kitterlin

»lessen by Ken Baumann
»insects by Ashley Collier
»anchorless by Emma J. Lannie
»two fictions by Dennis Cooper
»two fictions by Sean Lovelace
»bonnie lynn by Neila Mezynski
»it isn't a reason by Blake Butler
»you guys ready? by xTx

more fiction
»from below, below by Chad Redden
»they're filming midgets by Robert Lopez
»why god why: five stories by Matt Rowan
»the house that stole the moon by Cassandra de Alba
»ground [hard] and rise [high] by Joel Smith
»expressionist painting of your butt by Peter Jurmu
»instructions for making a new world by Leif Haven
»robert and viola talk about their options by James Tadd Adcox

»amigo by Owl Brain Atlas
»two videos by Cecelia Chapman
»ten collages by Erin Case
»avant gauze by Christine Friedlander
»ten illustrations by José Manuel Hortelano-Pi
»digital negatives by Frank Cademartori
»pigskIn a blanket by Dana Telsrow

»feels like practice by Cassandra Troyan
»from mirrored floor by Dan Boehl & Carlos Rosales-Silva
»eleven picture poems by Brett Elizabeth Jenkins
»everywhere is paradise by Kershea Clement
»the truth about our dryers by Ryan Bender-Murphy
»suits / the women (protagonist) by Lindsay Ruoff
»the recorded world was set on fire by Curt Miller

Cover art for this issue is by Anders Nilsen.
Anders Nilsen is the artist and author of the books Big Questions, Don't Go Where I Can't Follow, The End and Monologues for the Coming Plague, among others. His work has been translated widely and shown internationally. He is the recipient of three Ignatz awards and the 2012 Lynd Ward Graphic Novel Prize. Big Questions was listed as one of 100 notable books of 2011 by the New York Times. He lives in Minneapolis.

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