you guys ready?
by xTx

Let's you and me go a few rounds. The ring can be made of paper. Dull blades, laid flat. It can be a dirty bathroom. An old tennis court. The ring can be that place you think about when your hand is on your cock. I'll bring my hunger, my baby's cunt. My baby cunt, I mean. Like, it's so new. You can break it in. You can break it in


It's so smooth right now, anyway.

I want you to feel like you are doing a horrible thing

horrible things.

I want to be the bearer of that

of them.

I'll ride you in the ring. There will be lots of falling off. If you need to use a tight grip to keep me on, feel free—I mailed the invite. I know you need to get back at me. I understand making up for things long thought about. I will do the same, in turn. I

hate losing.

Let's get close to death a few times. I'd like at least four 911 calls from the spectators. I'd like at least four rounds of emergency crews to be turned away at the door, even though they try to force their way (they hear the screaming). I want to hear sirens while you piston me with all of those built up things. Even the ones you were too ashamed to ever ask for from the ones you actually loved who I am not one of. Those things you know I'll eventually request.

I am there for you.

Let me be the brunt of.

I (am not sure if I)

can take it but

here I am and

the ring girl got up is

going round and

the crowd

the crowd is


xTx is a writer living in Southern California. She has been published in places like The Collagist, PANK, Hobart, Puerto del Sol, Smokelong, Monkeybicycle and Wigleaf. Her story collection, "Normally Special," is available from Tiny Hardcore Press. Her chapbook, "Billie the Bull" is now available from Mud Luscious press. She says nothing at No Time to Say It.

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