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Hello Everyone,

As of September 2013, we made the decision to officially put Love Symbol Press and the Poetry Made of Diamonds reading series on indefinite hiatus. We have no current plans to continue with it from here on out, though there is a possibility that sometime in the future, (possibly years from now) we will decide to reopen it. Our reasons for this are simple: we felt like we didn't have the time or energy to do these works justice, and the work began to feel more like guilt about how little we were doing. We want to just be writers for awhile and focus on our own projects and our own lives. We will continue to run the magazine Skydeer Helpking as an independent journal, and our authors' books will still be on sale (the few copies left in print, and afterwards, the PDFs). We really appreciate the love and support you all have shown to us in the past few years, and all the opportunities to work with wonderful, amazing writers we have gotten through running this press.

Russ and Jeannette